Bud Stankz is back with a new banger ”Lifestyle” from the new mini-EP ”Hijackin Studios”.

Bud Stankz is back with a new banger ”Lifestyle” from the new mini-EP ”Hijackin Studios”.

Him and his team picked the song Lifestyle from the EP to make a video for it. The street video is directed by Bud Stankz himself. The footage is shot in his hometown Gothenburg, Sweden. A plain simple street video with handheld footage by HampusGBG. Bud Stankz is in the footage rocking god like type fashion by mr. Taveres. Bud Stankz said “I am proud to have figured out a independent machine to release my music”. That’s why they decided to put out this mini-EP hijackin’ studios.

The song ”Lifestyle” is about breaking free from bad habits. It really has a good message. Everyone have bad habits, it all comes down to who can manage to break free. This song is inspiring because it touches these subjects. What Bud Stankz mean that every soul is able to dominate the world. Everybody should be on that world domination night and day. Live your truth.

Earlier this year Bud Stankz released his critically acclaimed single ”Walking On Water” with Albin Myers on the Swedish House Mafia legend Axwell’s record label Axtone Records. It was the first single to be released from the new era by Axtone called Approved.

Hijackin Studios came about spontainiously by doing exactly that, hijackin big studios.

Bud Stankz is in the record saying ”Time for me to change my lifestyle” finishing up the chorus. Listen to the words closely and enjoy. The mini-EP really tells a story.


Directed by Bud Stankz

Edited by Studrick Bankz

Film by HampusGBG

Stylist Noah Henry Akino Elliot

Color grading by Dizzee On The Beat

After Effects by Dizzee On The Beat

Song performed by Bud Stankz

Music produced by Studrick Bankz and A-Man Beats

Written by Bud Stankz

Bud Stankz is a so called underground rapper. There is only a few left of that tier. True underground rappers 2019 is rare. Bud Stankz have worked with artist from the Swedish underground hiphop scene like Frej Larsson, JOY M’Batha, Habz, Allyawan, Young Earth Sauce and Miki The Skykid. But the latest release Bud Stankz did was with the hard bass EDM legend Albin Myers. They did a record together called “Walking On Water” that was released on the edm bossman’s label Axtone Records.

Listen to “Walking On Water” on Axwell’s Approved playlist here

Listen to the full mini-EP here



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Bud Stankz



Footage by HampusGBG


Stylist Noah Henry Akino Elliott


Color Grading/After Effects by Dizzee On The Beat


© Cleanboys ENT 2019


Exclusive Pustervik Live Performance @ www.budstankz.com

Full Concert w/ Trap Music remastered. Bud Stankz at Pustervik in Gothenburg, Sweden 2019. This live performance was something else. However a full concert live performance video clip is hard to find. Here is thirty minutes of entertainment for you. Trap music maker Bud Stankz opened up for JOY M’Batha during this years “P3 Guld” weekend in Gothenburg. Watch the full concert here from the P3 guld gala weekend with the amazing trap music maker.


Thumbnail Allyawan, Earnest and Bud Stankz
DJ Eddi Cayn
Performance Bud Stankz
Camera GHXST

Setlist BUD STANKZ | Pustervik, 18 januari 2019
1. Ay Day (Enya Screw N Mash) 2. Ay Day 3. Let It Spark 4. Edibles 5. Way Up 6. Fake Shit 7. Finessin’ 8. Drankin’ N Smokin’ 9. Our Way 10. Cruise 11. World Domination

Producer of the show Studrick Bankz

Special thanks to


Bud Stankz has been touring with JOY and the rest out of Pizzaslize Records the past couple years. He is now guest featured on her new ep Thirsty on the track Horse Show with Habz. To clarify this Bud Stankz live at Pustervik in Gothenburg, Sweden when he opened up for Joy M’Batha.

Bud Stankz is the trap music maker operating out of Stockholm, Sweden. However a Ghxst captured the whole artistic performance on a camera on the balcony. Thanks to that this is now a memory for life. To make sure consider watching the performance from the trap music maker. It is legendary.



The Gang Gang Gang ft. Bud Stankz & Young Earth Sauce – PUMP (Official Video)

The Gang Gang Gang ft. Bud Stankz & Young Earth Sauce – PUMP (Official Video) Stream/Download: https://TheGangGangGang.lnk.to/-j92I

The Gang Gang Gang had just performed at the P3-Guld party with fellow punk star Bud Stankz. After the adrenaline rush caused by the gig we suffered from post gig melancholia. Three drunken masters, a hotel corridor and one camera man later…

The Gang Gang Gang is the eclectic duo founded by Albin Myers and Habz. The project is a mountain rumbling combination that includes all bass heavy music that both Habz and Albin Myers love. After independently launching their debut single “OVERSEAS MONEY” their road to success quickly made it uphills by landing them a main stage slot at SUMMERBURST, Sweden’s largest dance music festival. Since then their music has been on rotation on all major Swedish radio stations.

Habz is a multi-talent that comprehend many art forms. He’s an artist, songwriter, rapper, producer and a graphic designer. He was first recognized in Sweden as one of the key figures who created the collective “The Order” and one of the producers in the production trio “Beatslingers”. Habz has worked with many of the big names in the Swedish music scene such as Cleo, Joy M’batha, Frej Larsson and Parham to name a few. In the past years he has toured around Sweden and played at all major festivals alongside his Pizzaslize crew and even opened up for Zara Larsson at her only Swedish show at Berns in Stockholm.

Albin Myers is a well-established DJ/producer which has collaborated with global superstars including Avicii & David Guetta with his breakthrough release ‘Hells Bells’ on Steve Aoki’s DIM MAK. He is now a familiar name since he has toured the world and played at many large festivals. When his big idols The Prodigy last played in Stockholm he was honored to be their opening act.

The Gang Gang Gang is joined here by fellow artist Bud Stankz. Bud Stankz is hailing from the Swedish underground Hip Hop scene, working on everything from punk to trap and now house, all with his trademark vocal delivery. He is affiliated to Habz through their crew Pizzaslize and after Habz showed Albin Myers some of Bud Stannkz work, he quickly fell in love with his extraterrestrial vocal performance.

Pump is also joined by the prodigy Young Earth Sauce, which is a producer of many sounds and genres. The up and coming superstar producer Young Earth Sauce, despite his young age of 18 has already a nice collection of gold plaques. He has produced a handful of hits and worked with some of the most streamed Swedish rappers and is also part of the same Pizzaslize crew as Habz and Bud Stankz.


The Gang Gang Gang





Bud Stankz





Young Earth Sauce





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New crazy release with Albin Myers on Axtone Records

Swedish Artist/Producer Albin Myers is back for his sophomore release on Axtone after his 2016 single “What’s The Time?”

A well-established DJ/producer Albin has collaborated with global superstars including Avicii & David Guetta with his breakthrough release ‘Hells Bells’ on Steve Aoki’s DIM MAK. Working constantly in the studio, Albin recently launched his new project The Gang Gang Gang”.

Albin is joined here by Bud Stankz who met through their mutual friend Habz. Hitting it off immediately they started to collaborate, writing material and ended up with what became “Walking On Water”. Bud Stankz is hailing from the Swedish underground Hip Hop scene, working on everything from punk to trap and now house, all with his trademark vocal delivery.

Albin Myers





Bud Stankz










Punk Indie

Punk Indie, Alternative Punk Rock, Punk rock (or “punk“) is a rock music genre that emerged in the mid-1970s in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Rooted in 1960s garage rock and other forms of what is now known as “proto-punk” music, punk rock bands rejected perceived excesses of mainstream 1970s rock. They typically produced short, fast-paced songs with hard-edged melodies and singing styles, stripped-down instrumentation, and often political, anti-establishment lyrics. Punk embraces a DIY ethic; many bands self-produce recordings and distribute them through independent record labelsand other informal channels.

Punk Indie 2019. However this is that punk indie that goes hard 2019. The song is called Reefer Madness. For instance good alternative punk rock that goes hard in 2019 is hard to find.  On the other hand here it is in it’s best kind of form.

Most importantly Bud Stankz new joint Reefer Madness will put Stockholms underground scene on the map. Meanwhile Reefer Madness is a movie that came out 1936. It was a propaganda movie against the use of weed. Bud Stankz had to make his own version of Reefer Madness and make fun of the ignorance.

However Bud Stankz new punk rock single “Reefer Madness” is finally here! Alternative punk indie that goes hard 2019. To clarify this project is entitled after the classic anti-marijuana propaganda film Reefer Madness (1936) and the comedy parody Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical (2005).

You can also hear the term Reefer Madness in the game LA NOIRE.

Bud Stankz dream is to open up the first dispensary in Sweden ever. Maybe it should be called Reefer Madness and be playing all the Alternative Punk Rock That Goes Hard.

Last but not least make sure you grab a black graphic hoodie from https://store.budstankz.com

Trap Music Rappers

trap music rappers thumbnail

Bud Stankz one of the most interesting trap music rappers from Sweden joined forces with Pizzaslize Records in Amsterdam 2016. The track is produced by Beatslingers this is another trap music hip hop video. The best trap music rappers should be afraid, because Bud Stankz going in.

Top Trap Songs

top trap songs thumbnail

This jam is definitely one to be put in the conversation of top trap songs last year. It was the most entertaining video by far doing almost 50k streams it first day. There is not many other top trap songs that came with such good quality content. This video was made by a team of swedish skaters who is now diving into film called Sjuttongubbar. Sjuttongubbar would be Tne Damn Dudes in english. Fly verses and a jamming chorus is a key to success. That’s why this video is now in the conversation of top trap songs. Make sure you tune in and watch the whole video. Leave a comment if you like it.

Bud Stankz appearance on EAST FM

east fm thumbnail

Up and coming artist Bud Stankz appearance on EAST FM. The swedish radio channel got a huge response in the comments. Some hated it, some loved it. Watch it for yourself and have your own opinion on it. This track was definitely a game changer. More fire trap songs coming your way every month. A fire song every month will be released from Bud Stankz.

East FM got a good reputation inviting artist to perform their music live in the studio on the radio station.

Best trap songs 2017

best trap songs thumbnail

Bud Stankz is definitely one to put in the conversation when you talk about the best trap music coming out of Sweden. He is the second generation after Yung Lean started the cloud rap era. One of the best trap songs from 2017 was this banger called Way Up. Make sure you listen to it here.