Trap Music Rappers

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Bud Stankz one of the most interesting trap music rappers from Sweden joined forces with Pizzaslize Records in Amsterdam 2016. The track is produced by Beatslingers this is another trap music hip hop video. The best trap music rappers should be afraid, because Bud Stankz going in.

Top Trap Songs

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This jam is definitely one to be put in the conversation of top trap songs last year. It was the most entertaining video by far doing almost 50k streams it first day. There is not many other top trap songs that came with such good quality content. This video was made by a team of swedish skaters who is now diving into film called Sjuttongubbar. Sjuttongubbar would be Tne Damn Dudes in english. Fly verses and a jamming chorus is a key to success. That’s why this video is now in the conversation of top trap songs. Make sure you tune in and watch the whole video. Leave a comment if you like it.

Bud Stankz appearance on EAST FM

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Up and coming artist Bud Stankz appearance on EAST FM. The swedish radio channel got a huge response in the comments. Some hated it, some loved it. Watch it for yourself and have your own opinion on it. This track was definitely a game changer. More fire trap songs coming your way every month. A fire song every month will be released from Bud Stankz.

East FM got a good reputation inviting artist to perform their music live in the studio on the radio station.

Best trap songs 2017

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Bud Stankz is definitely one to put in the conversation when you talk about the best trap music coming out of Sweden. He is the second generation after Yung Lean started the cloud rap era. One of the best trap songs from 2017 was this banger called Way Up. Make sure you listen to it here.