The Gang Gang Gang ft. Bud Stankz & Young Earth Sauce – PUMP (Official Video)

The Gang Gang Gang ft. Bud Stankz & Young Earth Sauce – PUMP (Official Video) Stream/Download:

The Gang Gang Gang had just performed at the P3-Guld party with fellow punk star Bud Stankz. After the adrenaline rush caused by the gig we suffered from post gig melancholia. Three drunken masters, a hotel corridor and one camera man later…

The Gang Gang Gang is the eclectic duo founded by Albin Myers and Habz. The project is a mountain rumbling combination that includes all bass heavy music that both Habz and Albin Myers love. After independently launching their debut single “OVERSEAS MONEY” their road to success quickly made it uphills by landing them a main stage slot at SUMMERBURST, Sweden’s largest dance music festival. Since then their music has been on rotation on all major Swedish radio stations.

Habz is a multi-talent that comprehend many art forms. He’s an artist, songwriter, rapper, producer and a graphic designer. He was first recognized in Sweden as one of the key figures who created the collective “The Order” and one of the producers in the production trio “Beatslingers”. Habz has worked with many of the big names in the Swedish music scene such as Cleo, Joy M’batha, Frej Larsson and Parham to name a few. In the past years he has toured around Sweden and played at all major festivals alongside his Pizzaslize crew and even opened up for Zara Larsson at her only Swedish show at Berns in Stockholm.

Albin Myers is a well-established DJ/producer which has collaborated with global superstars including Avicii & David Guetta with his breakthrough release ‘Hells Bells’ on Steve Aoki’s DIM MAK. He is now a familiar name since he has toured the world and played at many large festivals. When his big idols The Prodigy last played in Stockholm he was honored to be their opening act.

The Gang Gang Gang is joined here by fellow artist Bud Stankz. Bud Stankz is hailing from the Swedish underground Hip Hop scene, working on everything from punk to trap and now house, all with his trademark vocal delivery. He is affiliated to Habz through their crew Pizzaslize and after Habz showed Albin Myers some of Bud Stannkz work, he quickly fell in love with his extraterrestrial vocal performance.

Pump is also joined by the prodigy Young Earth Sauce, which is a producer of many sounds and genres. The up and coming superstar producer Young Earth Sauce, despite his young age of 18 has already a nice collection of gold plaques. He has produced a handful of hits and worked with some of the most streamed Swedish rappers and is also part of the same Pizzaslize crew as Habz and Bud Stankz.


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