Exclusive Pustervik Live Performance @ www.budstankz.com

Full Concert w/ Trap Music remastered. Bud Stankz at Pustervik in Gothenburg, Sweden 2019. This live performance was something else. However a full concert live performance video clip is hard to find. Here is thirty minutes of entertainment for you. Trap music maker Bud Stankz opened up for JOY M’Batha during this years “P3 Guld” weekend in Gothenburg. Watch the full concert here from the P3 guld gala weekend with the amazing trap music maker.


Thumbnail Allyawan, Earnest and Bud Stankz
DJ Eddi Cayn
Performance Bud Stankz
Camera GHXST

Setlist BUD STANKZ | Pustervik, 18 januari 2019
1. Ay Day (Enya Screw N Mash) 2. Ay Day 3. Let It Spark 4. Edibles 5. Way Up 6. Fake Shit 7. Finessin’ 8. Drankin’ N Smokin’ 9. Our Way 10. Cruise 11. World Domination

Producer of the show Studrick Bankz

Special thanks to


Bud Stankz has been touring with JOY and the rest out of Pizzaslize Records the past couple years. He is now guest featured on her new ep Thirsty on the track Horse Show with Habz. To clarify this Bud Stankz live at Pustervik in Gothenburg, Sweden when he opened up for Joy M’Batha.

Bud Stankz is the trap music maker operating out of Stockholm, Sweden. However a Ghxst captured the whole artistic performance on a camera on the balcony. Thanks to that this is now a memory for life. To make sure consider watching the performance from the trap music maker. It is legendary.



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