Bud Stankz is back with a new banger ”Lifestyle” from the new mini-EP ”Hijackin Studios”.

Bud Stankz is back with a new banger ”Lifestyle” from the new mini-EP ”Hijackin Studios”.

Him and his team picked the song Lifestyle from the EP to make a video for it. The street video is directed by Bud Stankz himself. The footage is shot in his hometown Gothenburg, Sweden. A plain simple street video with handheld footage by HampusGBG. Bud Stankz is in the footage rocking god like type fashion by mr. Taveres. Bud Stankz said “I am proud to have figured out a independent machine to release my music”. That’s why they decided to put out this mini-EP hijackin’ studios.

The song ”Lifestyle” is about breaking free from bad habits. It really has a good message. Everyone have bad habits, it all comes down to who can manage to break free. This song is inspiring because it touches these subjects. What Bud Stankz mean that every soul is able to dominate the world. Everybody should be on that world domination night and day. Live your truth.

Earlier this year Bud Stankz released his critically acclaimed single ”Walking On Water” with Albin Myers on the Swedish House Mafia legend Axwell’s record label Axtone Records. It was the first single to be released from the new era by Axtone called Approved.

Hijackin Studios came about spontainiously by doing exactly that, hijackin big studios.

Bud Stankz is in the record saying ”Time for me to change my lifestyle” finishing up the chorus. Listen to the words closely and enjoy. The mini-EP really tells a story.


Directed by Bud Stankz

Edited by Studrick Bankz

Film by HampusGBG

Stylist Noah Henry Akino Elliot

Color grading by Dizzee On The Beat

After Effects by Dizzee On The Beat

Song performed by Bud Stankz

Music produced by Studrick Bankz and A-Man Beats

Written by Bud Stankz

Bud Stankz is a so called underground rapper. There is only a few left of that tier. True underground rappers 2019 is rare. Bud Stankz have worked with artist from the Swedish underground hiphop scene like Frej Larsson, JOY M’Batha, Habz, Allyawan, Young Earth Sauce and Miki The Skykid. But the latest release Bud Stankz did was with the hard bass EDM legend Albin Myers. They did a record together called “Walking On Water” that was released on the edm bossman’s label Axtone Records.

Listen to “Walking On Water” on Axwell’s Approved playlist here

Listen to the full mini-EP here



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Bud Stankz



Footage by HampusGBG


Stylist Noah Henry Akino Elliott


Color Grading/After Effects by Dizzee On The Beat


© Cleanboys ENT 2019


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