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The production of cloud rap music has been described as ambient and very often include “ethereal vocal samples”. and the “aesthetics of bedroom electronic producers”. Therefor is Bud Stankz executing this DIY Cloud Rap Video with style. Cloud rap artists have been noted to employ “chant-like” vocal samples, as to create a “surreal” effect. However many believe Yung Lean to have changed cloud rap through his “melancholic, dreamy rapping”. According to FACT, the genre describes “pretty much any lo-fi, hazy rap that makes its way to the net”. Although the term “Cloud rap” has only existed since 2010, lo-fi production in Hip-hop can be traced as far back as underground Memphis Hip-hop from the 90’s.

Listen to the full EP where this song was included below

Bud Stankz is a so called underground rapper. There is only a few left of that tier. True underground rappers 2019 is rare. Bud Stankz have worked with artist from the Swedish underground hiphop scene like Frej Larsson, JOY M’Batha, Habz, Allyawan, Young Earth Sauce and Miki The Skykid. But the latest release Bud Stankz did was with the hard bass EDM legend Albin Myers. They did a record together called “Walking On Water” that was released on the edm bossman’s label Axtone Records.

“Do it yourself” (“DIY”) is the method of building, modifying, or repairingthings without the direct aid of experts or professionals. Academic research describes DIY as behaviors where “individuals engage raw and semi-raw materials and parts to produce, transform, or reconstruct material possessions, including those drawn from the natural environment (e.g., landscaping)”. DIY behavior can be triggered by various motivations previously categorized as marketplace motivations (economic benefits, lack of product availability, lack of product quality, need for customization), and identity enhancement (craftsmanship, empowerment, community seeking, uniqueness).

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