“FUCK THE WORLD” – Double Single By Music Artist Out Of Stockholm, Sweden

This fall is Bud Stankz releasing a double single. Impressively a track recorded in Max Martins “Wolf Cousins” studio in Stockholm. With the producer Max Grahn who often is seen with Shellback on private planes eating shrimp. He uses the stagename Fatmax Gsus.

The double single is ironically named “Fuck The World” and this is the sophomore release after the track called “Walking On Water”. A song he did together with Albin Myers. But these two Hip-Hop singles are released on Cleanboys Ent under exclusive license to Pizzaslize Records. Walking On Water was released on Axtone Records. Not only did Axwell sign the track Walking On Water, he also used it in his set several times. David Guetta put the track with Albin Myers on his mix on YouTube.

However this double single is released with the independent record label that he have started with his friends in the trenches. Cleanboys Ent

The track Ay-Day was recorded in 2017 in Stockholm. Bud Stankz casually said the swedish artist Loreen was recording in the other room. He also said she will probably never even remembered him. But still made it there independent. Loreen is the artist behind the hit song EuphoriaIn the cover can you see the rapper with his infamous friend in the Swedish scene JOY. JOY M’Batha is a multi-talented artist, she have with her talents been able to travel the world. Mastering her art and music. You can hear Bud Stankz on the last verse in one of the tracks of her latest EP, Thirsty.

On festival mainstages, clubs and raves all over Sweden have you been able to see him. This have resulted in a small but real underground following. In Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo.

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