Swedish Hip Hop Artist Announces Album Release

We are back with new content. The swedish hip hop artist Bud Stankz have been finishing up the last touches of his album “The Story Of Lurk Cobain“.  With the news he is also releasing the link for the single “Perfect Timing“. You can pre-save here. 

The single “Perfect Timing” comes with a 808 that makes the block shake and chords that will make your stank face epic. Bud Stankz is singing “Either you ride with me or you are against me” pitch perfect to the music.

Bud Stankz have been touring all over Sweden. He started playing in small underground clubs but made it to the big festivals short thereafter. Now has he signed a song to Axtone Records. The critically acclaimed record label by the EDM Bossman from Swedish House Mafia called Axwell. The song he signed to the label is called “Walking On Water” and is produced by Albin Myers.

Swedish hip hop artist Bud Stankz have been recording this album and coming up with this sound for “The Story Of Lurk Cobain” his whole life. This is the story put down to seven new songs. Some of them are low-key and some of them are energetic. The single “Perfect Timing” can you now pre-save here.

The album have been called a masterpiece by people around Bud Stankz. People like Albin Myers, JOY M’Batha, Frej Larsson, Dizzee On The Beat, Habz, Fucking Ängie and many many more.

There is only one feature on the project that we do not wan’t to spoil yet. Stay posted for the news that will be coming to you all soon.


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