New Merchandise Is Up On The Store

New merchandise is up on the store. You can find it here. 

The Story Of Lurk Cobain merchandise just launched on the store. Bud Stankz debut album is coming soon. Until then you can hype up with the merchandise and get a exclusive first listen on the single from the album called Perfect Timing. The Story Of Lurk Cobain is the album and will be released by the end of february. Be one of the first to hear anything from the project by ordering The Story Of Lurk Cobain merchandise from the store. You will after your order receive a secret link in you email.

Bud Stankz is moving to East London in the end of february. If you are in Gothenburg be sure to catch him on his meet and greet/pop up shop on the 28th Of February. You will find the event on facebook here.

This will be the last event Bud Stankz takes apart of before he moves. Be sure to be on the lookout.

The Story Of Lurk Cobain Coming Soon!!!

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