Rapper Out Of Stockholm Releases Epic Rap Music Video

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Bud Stankz is already a well-established name in Stockholm, he released his first song in 2017 and the music conveys incredible emotions. A symbiosis between chaos, melancholy with a rarely seen consciousness and intelligence.

Numb could have been twice as long, some will never understand the reason why some people choose to become musicians. For others, it is an escape from reality and makes life a little easier to endure. Being able to stand on stage and sing to your fans is the best conceivable proof of why you chose the right path from the beginning, a way to catalyze your innermost feelings and be a reason for others to survive everyday life.

Haile Tesfay is only 26 years old, his music and lyrics are already unique and open to world domination. Listen to the record below.

Source:  https://www.townhogs.com/bud-stankz-slapper-sin-forsta-platta-the-story-of-lurk-cobain/ (Joanna Hemmingsson (j.hemmingsson@townhogs.com)



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