New Ghetto House Music By Bud Stankz And Måns Glaeser

Bud Stankz and Måns Glaeser recently dropped a new ghetto house music banger for the rave scene in Stockholm, Sweden. The song feels very good to dance to and all other things that you wanna do in life.

The song have gotten several hundred shares on Facebook and doing really well. All true Bud Stankz fans keep streaming the song and the numbers keep escalating. Even though there are no major numbers is the song thus far very successful for being released independant.

Everyday Bud Stankz have new fans reaching out to him on Instagram about the song and how the song affect his community. It has been a humbling experience Bud Stankz said.

If you have not already make sure that you save the song onto one of your favourite dance playlists or hip hop playlists.

Ghetto house music, booty house, Gangsta house or G-house is a genre of Chicago house that began to be recognized as a distinct style from around 1992 onwards. It has minimal 808 and 909 drum-driven tracks and sometimes sexually clear lyrics.


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