New music video by Bud Stankz and Måns Glaeser for Skinny Pete Discoflow

Skinny Pete Discoflow Music Video

Bud Stankz and Måns Glaeser (Ol’ Satan) from Off The Meds met on a festival in Dalarna, Sweden called Gagnef (Skanka Loss). They instantly became friends and started writing music together. The first song they put out together was a punk record called “Reefer Madness” that did well as a indie punk record. Sjutton Gubbar the skater film crew from Gothenburg did an amazing video for the record.

After many long nights in Ol’ Satans apartment. Ol’ Satan pulled up a beat for Bud Stankz and swore by every single bone in his body that this song would be a smash for Bud Stankz. Therefor Bud Stankz pulled up his voice memo right away and started mumbling out the words to the song. Bud Stankz is the ultimate emcee and loves to freestyle. You can give him a microphone and throw random techno, trap, hiphop, punk, rnb, house instrumentals on him and the party will be jumping when he emcees.

This video is directed by Bud Stankz himself together with Matilda Hammar. The filming was a collaboration between Matilda Hammar and Dual Minded. The styling was made together with Bud Stankz, YRA and Matilda Hammar. Last but not least was the Special FX made by Studrick Bankz.

Special thanks to Frej Larsson and Christopher Cook also known as Dim Out to let us use their studio space to record this art piece. Many big thanks to everyone involved to helped create this funny film. Shoutsout to Rastalainen who provided us with the hippie house and good vibrations.


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