Bud Stankz Och Young Earth Sauce Har Släppt En Techno Banger

Bud Stankz och Young Earth Sauce har släppt dunder techno banger tillsammans och det ekar ut i galaxen. Det låter som att Young Earth Sauce har hämtat en bastrumma från Jupiter. Honom har ni kunnat se tillsammans med ODZ och Frej Larsson bland annat. Han har stått bakom dunder dängor som Anna Book mfl. Den unga producenten anses och vara en del utav den svenska framtiden musikscenen.

Bud Stankz sjunger om att vara annorlunda och inte passa in alltid. Han refererar till Dennis Rodman i låten. Han sjunger även om viktiga och nödvändiga simpla saker. Som att kunskap är en viktig nyckel till sitt hantverk. Att 10 000 timmar är ända vägen att gå ibland.

3D videon är gjord utav Bud Stankz han själv och är utarbetat i Cinema 4D. Ett intresse Bud Stankz har fastnat på. Men bra bastrummor är fortfarande hans främsta intresse. Se till att följa honom på Patron, Spotify, Instagram och TikTok på momangen.



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Skinny Pete Discoflow Audio Visual By Bud Stankz And Måns Glaeser From Off The Meds

Skinny Pete Discoflow audio visual by Bud Stankz and Måns Glaeser from Off The Meds.

Måns Glaeser goes under the name Old Satan when produce for the Stockholm-based rapper Bud Stankz. Bud Stankz grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden. The next biggest city in Sweden. Therefor he always felt like the underdog.

After all touring and doing mad numbers of dates all over Sweden, with Frej Larsson and JOY M’Batha. Two of Sweden’s most controversial artist during all time. Bud Stankz made a name for himself with the explosive music and entertaining bangers.

Skinny Pete is a character from the series Breaking Bad. “Skinny” Pete is one of Jesse Pinkman’s longtime friends. If you have seen it.



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This weekend did Bud Stankz and Frej Larsson who is the most controversial artist in Sweden a new mixtape. Together with Habz.Ninja, Young Earth Sauce and Måns Glaeser from Off The Meds did they take over the world.

NÖTMIX vol 1 was only printed into one copy. That got sold from the back of the trunk in their car.

Pizzaslize Records is a hot swedish indie label that consists of four artist created by Frej Larsson. The artists are Frej Larsson, Bud Stankz, Habz.Ninja and Young Earth Sauce. Together have they toured around Sweden for several years.

They have did several hundred club shows and at least a dussin major festivals together and many more to come.


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A Documentary Type Music Video By Swedish Artist

This is a documentary type music video by Bud Stankz from his album The Story Of Lurk Cobain

Bud Stankz – Outroduction (The Story Of Lurk Cobain)
STREAM HERE: http://album.budstankz.com

Swedish artist and producer makes epic pre-save run on Instagram. Bud Stankz is dropping his album The Story Of Lurk Cobain this winter or spring. According to himself the album is this the music that took his whole life to make. Much like Jay-Z with his album Reasonable Doubt.

This footage was filmed by Remi Lafvas at Frej Larsson’s show at Pustervik in Gothenburg, Sweden. Gothenburg is Bud Stankz hometown where he grew up. Bud Stankz friendship with Frej Larsson is very nice and that can you see be shown in this video. They are having so much fun killing the show.

The most aspiring thing with Bud Stankz he does not write his music. It just raw and uncut freestyles over epic music. Legendary Gothenburg producer group Beatslingers produced one of the tracks called Un Poco De Fri. Featuring on the track is Miki The Skykid from the group. The song is executive produced by Skoof.

Bud Stankz said Skoof is one of his OGs from the neighborhood he grew up in outside of Gothenburg. This is by far one of the most aspiring indie releases so far 2020. After spending four years in Stockholm will now Bud Stankz take his talents to London.

Bud Stankz debut album is out now called The Story Of Lurk Cobain.

On this set with Frej Larsson did Bud Stankz play his first monster banger that he released with Axwell’s record label Axtone Records called Walking On Water with Albin Myers. Bud Stankz also played two other songs with Frej Larsson. This was an iconic performance for them both and Prins Daniel.

Music produced by Studrick Bankz
Freestyle by Bud Stankz

Documented by @Remilaf ( https://www.instagram.com/remilaf )
Edited by Studrick Bankz
Special FX by Studrick Bankz
Starring Frej Larsson, Robin Yaas, Prins Daniel, Young Earth Sauce and Bud Stankz




© @minbaahs records 2020

Major Sounding Emotional Trap Album By Swedish Artist

The swedish hip hop recording artist that have been operating out of Stockholm, Sweden just released his major sounding emotional trap album that he have been working on his whole life. The debut is called The Story Of Lurk Cobain and is epic sounding. If you want to skip the article and get straight to the music. You can listen to it here. 


Bud Stankz said none of the songs was written down on a piece of paper or his iPhone. He said this was just raw emotion on epic sounding trap beats. The music fits perfect on partys, festivals, at home, when your sad, when your happy and just basically anywhere.

This is the project that he took his whole life to make. “It all comes down to this one” Bud Stankz said. Make sure you save the album on your Spotify. You can do it here.

Bud Stankz have earlier collaborated with artists like Albin Myers, Frej Larsson, JOY M’Batha, Måns Glaeser, Fatmax Gsus, Beatslingers, Habz Ninja, Allyawan and many more. Bud Stankz have been signed by Axwell and is also followed by Axwell on Instagram. That is mindblowing.

Bud Stankz started playing at underground rave clubs around the rave scene in Stockholm, that is how he got introduced to electronic music like Techno and House. Later on Bud Stankz had the opportunity to freestyle on big festival stages with epic crowds many time. That is how Bud Stankz started to emcee.

Now listen to the album and save it to your Spotify


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“Compilation Tape 01” – Compilation Tape To End The Summer

“Compilation Tape 01” – Compilation Tape To End The Summer

Underground rapper Bud Stankz out of Stockholm, Sweden released a compilation tape to end the summer and it is banging. In the first track with RnB singer Pash is Bud Stankz telling his story over Habz rhodes. This Compilation Tape is a collection of Bud Stankz music that he have been playing all over Sweden during his touring.

Bud Stankz have been touring Sweden around during the past three-four years with artist such as Frej Larsson, JOY M’Batha, Habz Ninja, Faal, The Gang Gang Gang, Albin Myers and ODZ. Frej Larsson, JOY M’Batha, Habz Ninja, Faal, The Gang Gang Gang, ODZ all are underground rap artists out of Sweden. Most of them are situated in Stockholm, Sweden.

Bud Stankz released a smash hit with Albin Myers called “Walking On Water“. Axwell from Swedish House Mafia signed the track. However this is a compilation tape from Bud Stankz music that he have performed all over Sweden. It could have been even more music put into it. Bud Stankz have been consistant putting out new music.


black logotype with white backround
Haile Tesfay also known as Bud Stankz
Artist & Producer