New music video by Bud Stankz and Måns Glaeser for Skinny Pete Discoflow

Skinny Pete Discoflow Music Video

Bud Stankz and Måns Glaeser (Ol’ Satan) from Off The Meds met on a festival in Dalarna, Sweden called Gagnef (Skanka Loss). They instantly became friends and started writing music together. The first song they put out together was a punk record called “Reefer Madness” that did well as a indie punk record. Sjutton Gubbar the skater film crew from Gothenburg did an amazing video for the record.

After many long nights in Ol’ Satans apartment. Ol’ Satan pulled up a beat for Bud Stankz and swore by every single bone in his body that this song would be a smash for Bud Stankz. Therefor Bud Stankz pulled up his voice memo right away and started mumbling out the words to the song. Bud Stankz is the ultimate emcee and loves to freestyle. You can give him a microphone and throw random techno, trap, hiphop, punk, rnb, house instrumentals on him and the party will be jumping when he emcees.

This video is directed by Bud Stankz himself together with Matilda Hammar. The filming was a collaboration between Matilda Hammar and Dual Minded. The styling was made together with Bud Stankz, YRA and Matilda Hammar. Last but not least was the Special FX made by Studrick Bankz.

Special thanks to Frej Larsson and Christopher Cook also known as Dim Out to let us use their studio space to record this art piece. Many big thanks to everyone involved to helped create this funny film. Shoutsout to Rastalainen who provided us with the hippie house and good vibrations.


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New Ghetto House Music By Bud Stankz And Måns Glaeser

Bud Stankz and Måns Glaeser recently dropped a new ghetto house music banger for the rave scene in Stockholm, Sweden. The song feels very good to dance to and all other things that you wanna do in life.

The song have gotten several hundred shares on Facebook and doing really well. All true Bud Stankz fans keep streaming the song and the numbers keep escalating. Even though there are no major numbers is the song thus far very successful for being released independant.

Everyday Bud Stankz have new fans reaching out to him on Instagram about the song and how the song affect his community. It has been a humbling experience Bud Stankz said.

If you have not already make sure that you save the song onto one of your favourite dance playlists or hip hop playlists.

Ghetto house music, booty house, Gangsta house or G-house is a genre of Chicago house that began to be recognized as a distinct style from around 1992 onwards. It has minimal 808 and 909 drum-driven tracks and sometimes sexually clear lyrics.


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Skinny Pete Discoflow Audio Visual By Bud Stankz And Måns Glaeser From Off The Meds

Skinny Pete Discoflow audio visual by Bud Stankz and Måns Glaeser from Off The Meds.

Måns Glaeser goes under the name Old Satan when produce for the Stockholm-based rapper Bud Stankz. Bud Stankz grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden. The next biggest city in Sweden. Therefor he always felt like the underdog.

After all touring and doing mad numbers of dates all over Sweden, with Frej Larsson and JOY M’Batha. Two of Sweden’s most controversial artist during all time. Bud Stankz made a name for himself with the explosive music and entertaining bangers.

Skinny Pete is a character from the series Breaking Bad. “Skinny” Pete is one of Jesse Pinkman’s longtime friends. If you have seen it.



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Måns Glaeser from Off The Meds and Bud Stankz have been recording a new EP

Måns Glaeser from Off The Meds and Bud Stankz have been recording a new EP. The EP is called “Original Psychadrillic EP” and consists off four lo-fi hip-hop bangers with a lot of house influences. Bud Stankz said they wanted to bring house back to black people and that was the mission recording the EP. All verses from Bud Stankz on the ep is very brain challenging and will push your IQ forward says Måns Glaeser.

Måns Glaeser goes under the stage name Old Satan when he is recording with Bud Stankz. You can hear Bud Stankz singing about the devil in his first album The Story Of Lurk Cobain where he refers to Måns as the devil. Some people did not know this and we here on can proudly present this exclusive information for you all right now.

The ep will be here by the end of the summer so beware of the Original Psychadrillic EP.

By the hippies for the hipsters……..




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This weekend did Bud Stankz and Frej Larsson who is the most controversial artist in Sweden a new mixtape. Together with Habz.Ninja, Young Earth Sauce and Måns Glaeser from Off The Meds did they take over the world.

NÖTMIX vol 1 was only printed into one copy. That got sold from the back of the trunk in their car.

Pizzaslize Records is a hot swedish indie label that consists of four artist created by Frej Larsson. The artists are Frej Larsson, Bud Stankz, Habz.Ninja and Young Earth Sauce. Together have they toured around Sweden for several years.

They have did several hundred club shows and at least a dussin major festivals together and many more to come.


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Major Sounding Emotional Trap Album By Swedish Artist

The swedish hip hop recording artist that have been operating out of Stockholm, Sweden just released his major sounding emotional trap album that he have been working on his whole life. The debut is called The Story Of Lurk Cobain and is epic sounding. If you want to skip the article and get straight to the music. You can listen to it here. 


Bud Stankz said none of the songs was written down on a piece of paper or his iPhone. He said this was just raw emotion on epic sounding trap beats. The music fits perfect on partys, festivals, at home, when your sad, when your happy and just basically anywhere.

This is the project that he took his whole life to make. “It all comes down to this one” Bud Stankz said. Make sure you save the album on your Spotify. You can do it here.

Bud Stankz have earlier collaborated with artists like Albin Myers, Frej Larsson, JOY M’Batha, Måns Glaeser, Fatmax Gsus, Beatslingers, Habz Ninja, Allyawan and many more. Bud Stankz have been signed by Axwell and is also followed by Axwell on Instagram. That is mindblowing.

Bud Stankz started playing at underground rave clubs around the rave scene in Stockholm, that is how he got introduced to electronic music like Techno and House. Later on Bud Stankz had the opportunity to freestyle on big festival stages with epic crowds many time. That is how Bud Stankz started to emcee.

Now listen to the album and save it to your Spotify