Rapper Out Of Stockholm Releases Epic Rap Music Video

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Bud Stankz is already a well-established name in Stockholm, he released his first song in 2017 and the music conveys incredible emotions. A symbiosis between chaos, melancholy with a rarely seen consciousness and intelligence.

Numb could have been twice as long, some will never understand the reason why some people choose to become musicians. For others, it is an escape from reality and makes life a little easier to endure. Being able to stand on stage and sing to your fans is the best conceivable proof of why you chose the right path from the beginning, a way to catalyze your innermost feelings and be a reason for others to survive everyday life.

Haile Tesfay is only 26 years old, his music and lyrics are already unique and open to world domination. Listen to the record below.

Source:  https://www.townhogs.com/bud-stankz-slapper-sin-forsta-platta-the-story-of-lurk-cobain/ (Joanna Hemmingsson (j.hemmingsson@townhogs.com)



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A Documentary Type Music Video By Swedish Artist

This is a documentary type music video by Bud Stankz from his album The Story Of Lurk Cobain

Bud Stankz – Outroduction (The Story Of Lurk Cobain)
STREAM HERE: http://album.budstankz.com

Swedish artist and producer makes epic pre-save run on Instagram. Bud Stankz is dropping his album The Story Of Lurk Cobain this winter or spring. According to himself the album is this the music that took his whole life to make. Much like Jay-Z with his album Reasonable Doubt.

This footage was filmed by Remi Lafvas at Frej Larsson’s show at Pustervik in Gothenburg, Sweden. Gothenburg is Bud Stankz hometown where he grew up. Bud Stankz friendship with Frej Larsson is very nice and that can you see be shown in this video. They are having so much fun killing the show.

The most aspiring thing with Bud Stankz he does not write his music. It just raw and uncut freestyles over epic music. Legendary Gothenburg producer group Beatslingers produced one of the tracks called Un Poco De Fri. Featuring on the track is Miki The Skykid from the group. The song is executive produced by Skoof.

Bud Stankz said Skoof is one of his OGs from the neighborhood he grew up in outside of Gothenburg. This is by far one of the most aspiring indie releases so far 2020. After spending four years in Stockholm will now Bud Stankz take his talents to London.

Bud Stankz debut album is out now called The Story Of Lurk Cobain.

On this set with Frej Larsson did Bud Stankz play his first monster banger that he released with Axwell’s record label Axtone Records called Walking On Water with Albin Myers. Bud Stankz also played two other songs with Frej Larsson. This was an iconic performance for them both and Prins Daniel.

Music produced by Studrick Bankz
Freestyle by Bud Stankz

Documented by @Remilaf ( https://www.instagram.com/remilaf )
Edited by Studrick Bankz
Special FX by Studrick Bankz
Starring Frej Larsson, Robin Yaas, Prins Daniel, Young Earth Sauce and Bud Stankz




© @minbaahs records 2020

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New merchandise is up on the store. You can find it here. 

The Story Of Lurk Cobain merchandise just launched on the store. Bud Stankz debut album is coming soon. Until then you can hype up with the merchandise and get a exclusive first listen on the single from the album called Perfect Timing. The Story Of Lurk Cobain is the album and will be released by the end of february. Be one of the first to hear anything from the project by ordering The Story Of Lurk Cobain merchandise from the store. You will after your order receive a secret link in you email.

Bud Stankz is moving to East London in the end of february. If you are in Gothenburg be sure to catch him on his meet and greet/pop up shop on the 28th Of February. You will find the event on facebook here.

This will be the last event Bud Stankz takes apart of before he moves. Be sure to be on the lookout.

The Story Of Lurk Cobain Coming Soon!!!

Epic Swedish Hip Hop Artist Dropped Album Cover

It took my whole life to record and write this music. This will be the most aspiring indie release of 2020. It does not matter if it streams well or not. We recorded this musical piece for me. This was my way of expressing my most honest and raw experiences in a musical form. This is a dream come true for me. Momma we made it!!

I started playing in front of 5 people, 5 people became 25 and 25 became 100 and then all of a sudden 100 became thousands on big festival stages in under a year of time.

The underground scene really forced me to be the best emcee I can be. While most artist lock themselves in the studio we was moving city to city rocking crowds. That was made me to the artist I am today.

This is my album cover!!

The Story Of Lurk Cobain Coming Soon

Swedish Hip Hop Artist Announces Album Release

We are back with new content. The swedish hip hop artist Bud Stankz have been finishing up the last touches of his album “The Story Of Lurk Cobain“.  With the news he is also releasing the link for the single “Perfect Timing“. You can pre-save here. 

The single “Perfect Timing” comes with a 808 that makes the block shake and chords that will make your stank face epic. Bud Stankz is singing “Either you ride with me or you are against me” pitch perfect to the music.

Bud Stankz have been touring all over Sweden. He started playing in small underground clubs but made it to the big festivals short thereafter. Now has he signed a song to Axtone Records. The critically acclaimed record label by the EDM Bossman from Swedish House Mafia called Axwell. The song he signed to the label is called “Walking On Water” and is produced by Albin Myers.

Swedish hip hop artist Bud Stankz have been recording this album and coming up with this sound for “The Story Of Lurk Cobain” his whole life. This is the story put down to seven new songs. Some of them are low-key and some of them are energetic. The single “Perfect Timing” can you now pre-save here.

The album have been called a masterpiece by people around Bud Stankz. People like Albin Myers, JOY M’Batha, Frej Larsson, Dizzee On The Beat, Habz, Fucking Ängie and many many more.

There is only one feature on the project that we do not wan’t to spoil yet. Stay posted for the news that will be coming to you all soon.


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Dropping my album next year titled “The Story Of Lurk Cobain”. I will be posting new content towards the release. Although before we get the full length album it will be three singles out there before. Last piece to the pussle is to finish up the videos.

2020 will be a great year when I will release my debut album. That is just mad and insane. Never thought this would happen. I am living my dream.